The Beer Connection

Although it is considered that the yeast infection is something that mostly bothers the women, it is pretty much the problem that can affect men as well. It is a fungus that destroys the natural balance of the skin and causes some irritation. If it is not treated, it can cause even some more serious problems and that is something that you would pretty much like to avoid.

Getting the yeast infection is not too hard. It can be transferred from partner to partner as the STD and it can occur without the external contamination. Simply said, these infections can appear without contact with other people. They are present on our skin but in normal conditions they are well balanced with the bacteria that live on our skin and inside our body as well.

Still, some forms of the diabetes and the excessive usage of antibiotics can be pretty much the reason for destroying this balance and that will cause Candida to develop and thrive. One of the oddest ways to get this problem is by consuming beer.

Yeast is present in it since it is the thing that allows the fermentation and the very production of the beer. It is also present in the wine, but the level of alcohol is pretty higher in wine and it allows the disinfection. The beer on the other hand is usually containing up to 6% of the alcohol and that is not enough to kill all of the fungus.

In those cases, it is quite possible that some of the yeast will survive the fermentation process and by drinking beer it will enter your body. With some men it will have no effect whatsoever, but some will be struck pretty hard. This comes because of the enzymes in the stomach. Some people don’t have the enzymes that can digest these fungus and they will continue to the kidneys and further down to the urinal system.

At the end it will cause the yeast infection. The funny thing is that the better beers are usually not pasteurized and that makes the probability of the infection even higher. Pasteurization kills the fungus but in those cases the process hasn’t been carried out and the yeast is alive and capable of making damage.

The only way to treat men yeast infection beer issues is to stop drinking beer since it will always end in infection if you are prone to it.