The Antibiotics Connection in Yeast Candida

Yeast infection is never something nice to have and it strikes both men and women. It can be pretty irritating and rather damaging to the health. It is thought that the women are the only ones that can suffer from it but it is pretty much a fallacy since the men are also pretty much plagued by it.

The consequences can be very unpleasant and they scale from the irritation, soar, bad smell to even infertility and that indefinitely something that is not too benevolent or insignificant. The reasons for occurrence of these yeast infections are various. It can be transmitted by sexual intercourse but it is wrong to think that it is the only way.
Namely, each of our bodies has a very fragile balance of bacteria and fungus on every single part of our body and misbalance between these components can often manifest as the yeast infection. The most common is Candida and it is a rather problematic issue that can be very unpleasant.

One of the main reasons for disrupting the balance between the bacteria and the fungus is usage of the antibiotics. They are mostly designed to fight the bacteria and if you are using them over a long period of time they can affect the bacteria on your genital area causing them to die off.

Normally, these bacteria are not dangerous and they keep the level of fungus at the normal level, but if the antibiotics kill those bacteria it will result in fungus flourishing. Also, there will be an increase in bad bacteria that are usually more resistant to the antibiotics and you can find yourself in a pretty unpleasant situation.

Since the antibiotics are ever-present in modern treatment of many conditions and illnesses, it is necessary to stick to the prescribed dosages and to closely monitor the possible consequences. If you do notice some changes, it will be wise to contact your physician and to see if there is a need to change your therapy.

Also, there is a danger that the antibiotics used in modern farming can reach you through the meat so if any problems of this kind occur it is a good idea to try finding a meat that is free of the antibiotics.

In any case, the men yeast infection antibiotics issue is not to be taken lightly or ruled out since it is pretty often the key to resolving the problem that might be plaguing you.