Healing My Body From Candida with Probacto

Life is rough. Sometimes, we do what we can to cope with the changes happening around us and we often don’t realize that we are ultimately making ourselves feel worse. That’s exactly what I did to myself.

At the young age of 34, I found myself in an awful predicament. My husband had been killed suddenly in a work accident four years prior. I thought I was dealing with the loss and grief, but what I really did was turn to alcohol – mostly wine – and I slowly evolved into a functioning alcoholic. I had previously eaten a very clean diet, but I had slowly turned to comfort foods during my most depressed times, and while I drank. My previous diet consisted of no processed foods at all and my new diet included not only wine and the occasional vodka but cookies, cakes, and ice cream as well.

Not only did I not feel any better after eating and drinking, I ended up feeling worse. I started to gain weight and I started to feel incredibly sluggish and tired – moreso than I was from the depression alone. I avoided friends and family and even my coworkers complained from time to time about my moods. I even started to develop and odd body odor.

My Saving Grace

A lot of us have acquaintances. Sometimes we even refer to them as friends even though they aren’t that close to us. I had a lot of acquaintances, but I had very few true friends. And, sadly, I’d managed to push most of them away as I wallowed in my pit of despair. Thankfully, my friend Theresa wouldn’t be swayed, and she’s the one I can thank for pulling me out of the spiral I’d gotten caught up in.

Theresa did two things for me. First, she convinced me to get help and stop drinking. She took me to my AA meetings after having me take this test. She also listened tirelessly as I complained about my medical symptoms and even my food cravings and it was she who stopped by one day to bring me a bottle of Probacto and forced me to read their blog and anti-Candida treatment book.

What the Heck is Candida?

To keep it simple, Candida is a yeast organism and it lives in all of our bodies. I thought it only showed up when I had a vaginal infection, but apparently it’s there all the time, living quietly. What I began to realize is that my long-term drinking (alcohol has yeast, and the botany department at the University of Hawaii says it’s necessary for production), sugary foods, and carbohydrate snacks were also fueling the growth of Candida in my body. When the yeast organism activates it turns into a fungus and can wreak havoc within the body. Hence my foul body odor, itchy skin, weight gain, and the enhancement to my already existing depressive state.

Probacto’s Special Diet

Following Probacto’s diet wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth the effort. The diet consisted of four main stages and each helped me to clean up my diet, find foods that would make me healthier, eliminate foods that would encourage yeast growth, and develop a healthier overall lifestyle. The diet had me take some anti-fungal medications, probiotics, and a few herbal supplements, and they really sped things up. I spent a lot of time learning about my glands and hormones, my immune system, and even things as simple as stress. Everything impacts the body, and I had been pounding mine into the ground for quite some time.

As scary as it was for me, I even took steps to detoxify my body. I went through some testing for toxins, heavy metals, and parasites. I learned how to detox my liver, bowels, and kidneys and I slowly but surely began to feel better.

A year later, I’m almost back to normal. I’ve lost a lot of the weight I gained. Deodorants actually cover up the natural body odor I have, which is more in line with a regular person’s. I still get depressed from time to time, but I manage my stress levels better and I know my triggers. I have my life under control.

Probacto helped me not only to get rid of my chronic yeast infection but it helped me to get my life back under control. I am back to clean eating and I exercise regularly. I have a lot of work to do psychologically (and really, who doesn’t), but I am healthy and back on the right track.

You’ll find a lot of information out there about Candida and it’ll be hard to determine who’s program to trust. I guarantee that whether you use all of the info in their diet or not, you’re going to find Probacto’s team to be experts in the field. They really do care.