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Healing My Body From Candida with Probacto

Life is rough. Sometimes, we do what we can to cope with the changes happening around us and we often don’t realize that we are ultimately making ourselves feel worse. That’s exactly what I did to myself.

At the young age of 34, I found myself in an awful predicament. My husband had been killed suddenly in a work accident four years prior. I thought I was dealing with the loss and grief, but what I really did was turn to alcohol – mostly wine – and I slowly evolved into a functioning alcoholic. I had previously eaten a very clean diet, but I had slowly turned to comfort foods during my most depressed times, and while I drank. My previous diet consisted of no processed foods at all and my new diet included not only wine and the occasional vodka but cookies, cakes, and ice cream as well.

Not only did I not feel any better after eating and drinking, I ended up feeling worse. I started to gain weight and I started to feel incredibly sluggish and tired – moreso than I was from the depression alone. I avoided friends and family and even my coworkers complained from time to time about my moods. I even started to develop and odd body odor.

My Saving Grace

A lot of us have acquaintances. Sometimes we even refer to them as friends even though they aren’t that close to us. I had a lot of acquaintances, but I had very few true friends. And, sadly, I’d managed to push most of them away as I wallowed in my pit of despair. Thankfully, my friend Theresa wouldn’t be swayed, and she’s the one I can thank for pulling me out of the spiral I’d gotten caught up in.

Theresa did two things for me. First, she convinced me to get help and stop drinking. She took me to my AA meetings after having me take this test. She also listened tirelessly as I complained about my medical symptoms and even my food cravings and it was she who stopped by one day to bring me a bottle of Probacto and forced me to read their blog and anti-Candida treatment book.

What the Heck is Candida?

To keep it simple, Candida is a yeast organism and it lives in all of our bodies. I thought it only showed up when I had a vaginal infection, but apparently it’s there all the time, living quietly. What I began to realize is that my long-term drinking (alcohol has yeast, and the botany department at the University of Hawaii says it’s necessary for production), sugary foods, and carbohydrate snacks were also fueling the growth of Candida in my body. When the yeast organism activates it turns into a fungus and can wreak havoc within the body. Hence my foul body odor, itchy skin, weight gain, and the enhancement to my already existing depressive state.

Probacto’s Special Diet

Following Probacto’s diet wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth the effort. The diet consisted of four main stages and each helped me to clean up my diet, find foods that would make me healthier, eliminate foods that would encourage yeast growth, and develop a healthier overall lifestyle. The diet had me take some anti-fungal medications, probiotics, and a few herbal supplements, and they really sped things up. I spent a lot of time learning about my glands and hormones, my immune system, and even things as simple as stress. Everything impacts the body, and I had been pounding mine into the ground for quite some time.

As scary as it was for me, I even took steps to detoxify my body. I went through some testing for toxins, heavy metals, and parasites. I learned how to detox my liver, bowels, and kidneys and I slowly but surely began to feel better.

A year later, I’m almost back to normal. I’ve lost a lot of the weight I gained. Deodorants actually cover up the natural body odor I have, which is more in line with a regular person’s. I still get depressed from time to time, but I manage my stress levels better and I know my triggers. I have my life under control.

Probacto helped me not only to get rid of my chronic yeast infection but it helped me to get my life back under control. I am back to clean eating and I exercise regularly. I have a lot of work to do psychologically (and really, who doesn’t), but I am healthy and back on the right track.

You’ll find a lot of information out there about Candida and it’ll be hard to determine who’s program to trust. I guarantee that whether you use all of the info in their diet or not, you’re going to find Probacto’s team to be experts in the field. They really do care.

Proper Candida Diagnosis

Men yeast infection diagnosis
Yeast infection is pretty common in modern society. It is often thought that this is a disease that strikes only women, but that is a wrong opinion since the men are equally plagued by this. The reasons for the outburst of this condition are numerous.
The most important one is that the number of sexual partners has increased significantly per average man since the sexual revolution was carried out and multiple partners are allowing all STDs to expand. Since the Candida is easily transferred from partner to partner it can be pretty much of a nuisance if it is not treated.

Still, the first step is the most important and that is making a diagnosis. The usual symptoms are pretty obvious with women but it is not too hard to guess where the source of a problem with men lies as well. Namely, the Candida yeast infection is usually followed by a redness of the penis and itching so it is a pretty good sign that something is not in a perfect order. Also, it is quite possible that a white layer will appear on the penis. This material has a distinctive bad smell and is not something that can pass your attention easily. This is a symptom that is often appearing with the men who are not circumcised.

Additionally, if some of your recent sex partners had the problem with it (and it is something that is not likely that you will miss seeing), there is a good chance that the fungus have transferred to you as well. Check out Candia5 for testing it is highly recommended by experts.

Still, the only certain way to know that you have a problem is visiting a doctor. The examination is pretty quick and painless and will make the whole situation completely clear. The treatment of this issue is rather simple and there is no need to be afraid at all.

Basically, you will get a cream or an ointment and that will do the trick pretty quickly and completely efficiently. If you have a regular sex partner, it is necessary that you both take the treatment since it is a fungus that can be transferred on each other almost indefinitely.

If you do follow the instructions, there should be no complications whatsoever. On the other hand, if you disregard the issue it might turn out quite ugly and by all means it is not the nicest thing to have. The whole process simply guarantees that there will be no problems and you should pursue treatment once the diagnosis is made.

The Diet Connection

Yeast infections can be pretty irritating and pretty dangerous if it is not treated properly. So, it is of the utmost importance to figure out the source of the problem and act accordingly in order to remedy all the issues that might occur.

The people suffering from diabetes are especially exposed to this fungus since they are secreting a lot of sugars through their skin and that makes an ideal base for the Candida to flourish. Also, the sugars on the skin are making the imbalance between the bacteria and the fungus and that inevitably results in the yeast infection. Dr Wilson has great material on adrenal fatigue which is linked to candida.

Naturally, there are also some other factors that can contribute. Having unprotected sexual intercourse can be pretty much the source of the infection as well and the excessive usage of the antibiotics is no less dangerous.

All in all, there are some real situations which can lead to the development of the disease and it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise if the problems persist once you got them. The solutions are numerous. There are some great ointments and creams that can fix the issue, but with the people who have diabetes there should be a proper diet included as well.

Namely, the blood sugars can be fixed by the insulin injections, but this is done only in severe cases and most of the people suffering from the mild diabetes simply need to adjust their diet.

Anything that contains a lot of sugar should be avoided and properly balanced diet will also fix the Ph value of the skin, allowing the balance to be restored. Since there are a lot of people who do have some mild form of diabetes, this is not a small or unimportant issue.

If you notice the symptoms of the yeast infection and you have to use the toilet frequently while you mouth are getting dry, it is best to pay a visit to your doctor. It can be a sign of an early diabetes development and the only way to be sure is to take the test. The doctor will be able to prescribe the right treatment and to recommend a diet that will be quite effective in both lowering your blood sugar and getting rid of the yeast infection.

All of this is not time consuming nor is it expensive so if you are suspecting this might be an issue it is best to leave it to the experts to solve your problem.

Tell Me The Symptoms of Vaginal Candida Yeast

Yeast infection symptoms ranges from mild, moderate and severe. Yeast is normally present in the vagina but in smaller number. Symptoms occur if the number of yeast cells increases and severity of the symptoms corresponds to the number of yeast cells.

Symptoms of yeast infection are, itchiness, burning urination, redness of the affected area, pain during sexual intercourse, discharge with cottage cheese appearance and crusting of the skin. You should also check out the vaginal yeast infection signs and symptoms by dr eric bakker on his site as he goes way more indepth on the topic than my work.

Those women, who are yet at their initial stages of yeast infection, have mild itchiness and occasional feeling of burning urination. These mild attacks are not constant and occur in small bouts and many women don’t care about and ignore them. During this period if they have sexual contact with their partner, especially oral-vaginal contact, they may transfer the infection to their sexual partners.

If the woman ignores the mild symptoms, infection will progress and more troublesome symptoms will start to appear. Severity of itchiness and burning sensation increases and occur at lesser interval, finally don’t disappear at all and become constant. The vulva become red and edematous, sexual penetration becomes uncomfortable. Most of the women experience a vaginal discharge also, first which is watery and after sometime gives an appearance of cottage cheese.

If still she thinks that symptoms will disappear on their own and don’t get treatment and preventive steps then redness becomes extremely painful and crusting and cracking of the skin occurs along with oozing of blood and discharge. At this point the woman senses that there is something seriously wrong and she rushes to the doctor.

Complicated Yeast infection:

Yeast infection may spread to the other part of the body if it becomes complicated. In complicated cases, severe crusting, cracking and tearing of the skin at the affected area occur. The complications of yeast infection are rare but may occur in those women who deliberately ignore the infection for considerably longer period of time and have risk factors for them.

Women having any of the following condition are at risk of developing complicated yeast infection. Therefore, they should consult the doctor at earlier stages of infection.

  • 1. If you are having recurrent yeast infections, i.e., more than four attacks of infection per year.
  • 2. If you are pregnant, because hormonal changes in pregnancy favors yeast growth and immunity of the woman is low in pregnancy.
  • 3. If you are diabetic or have any other chronic disease because in diabetes blood sugar is high which favor yeast growth and in chronic disease immunity is low.
  • 4. If you are a chronic users of steroids because steroids suppress immunity
  • 5. If you have untreated chronic vaginal yeast infection.
  • 6. If you have some immune-suppressive disease such as HIV AIDS.

The earlier you get the treatment, the more effective will be the cure. Although yeast infection can be treated and prevented medically but don’t underestimate your yeast infection as it is associated with serious complications in long standing cases. Therefore, take some time out of your busy schedule and see a doctor if you notice any of the above symptoms.

Is Men Yeast Infection Contagious?

Men yeast infection is not something that is often mentioned and there are several reasons for that approach. First is that most of men doing know how troublesome it can be to get rid of it and the second is that most of the men are not aware that it can be a problem at the first place.

The men yeast infection contagious issues are often regarded as unimportant and not relevant and that is a rather wrong approach since men can be plagued by this in at least the same amount as the women. The thing is that the men are usually less irritated by it and they think that these infections are solely a female problem. This is quite far from the truth since these yeast infections are quite contagious and they are easily transferred from man to a woman and vice versa.

The usual way of transmission is via sexual encounter and that is not something that should be ignored if you have a new sexual partner. Using a condom will help but even in those cases there can be a transfer of the Candida during the intercourse that includes deep penetration.

Once you get it, it can be pretty irritating and it can lead even to some really unpleasant consequences. The worst part is that both partners need to take a treatment for getting rid of it or it will be transferred back again and again and that is definitely something you wouldn’t like to happen.

An open conversation before engaging in sexual intercourse would be a good thing to do, but it often just happens too quickly and the conversation can kill the magic of the moment so the yeast infections are pretty much present with the sexually active population.

Luckily, it isn’t a thing that regularly leaves permanent and heavy consequences and the therapy prescribed by doctors is usually pretty effective and solves the problem rather quickly so there is not a real reason not to act in the right direction.

The prevention is the best method but when the damage is already done, the treatment is necessary to deal with the yeast infection since it is hardly going to simply disappear. Once destroyed balance between the fungus and the bacteria is almost impossible to level without some external help so it is mandatory to give your best in order to overcome the problem.

The Antibiotics Connection in Yeast Candida

Yeast infection is never something nice to have and it strikes both men and women. It can be pretty irritating and rather damaging to the health. It is thought that the women are the only ones that can suffer from it but it is pretty much a fallacy since the men are also pretty much plagued by it.

The consequences can be very unpleasant and they scale from the irritation, soar, bad smell to even infertility and that indefinitely something that is not too benevolent or insignificant. The reasons for occurrence of these yeast infections are various. It can be transmitted by sexual intercourse but it is wrong to think that it is the only way.
Namely, each of our bodies has a very fragile balance of bacteria and fungus on every single part of our body and misbalance between these components can often manifest as the yeast infection. The most common is Candida and it is a rather problematic issue that can be very unpleasant.

One of the main reasons for disrupting the balance between the bacteria and the fungus is usage of the antibiotics. They are mostly designed to fight the bacteria and if you are using them over a long period of time they can affect the bacteria on your genital area causing them to die off.

Normally, these bacteria are not dangerous and they keep the level of fungus at the normal level, but if the antibiotics kill those bacteria it will result in fungus flourishing. Also, there will be an increase in bad bacteria that are usually more resistant to the antibiotics and you can find yourself in a pretty unpleasant situation.

Since the antibiotics are ever-present in modern treatment of many conditions and illnesses, it is necessary to stick to the prescribed dosages and to closely monitor the possible consequences. If you do notice some changes, it will be wise to contact your physician and to see if there is a need to change your therapy.

Also, there is a danger that the antibiotics used in modern farming can reach you through the meat so if any problems of this kind occur it is a good idea to try finding a meat that is free of the antibiotics.

In any case, the men yeast infection antibiotics issue is not to be taken lightly or ruled out since it is pretty often the key to resolving the problem that might be plaguing you.

The Beer Connection

Although it is considered that the yeast infection is something that mostly bothers the women, it is pretty much the problem that can affect men as well. It is a fungus that destroys the natural balance of the skin and causes some irritation. If it is not treated, it can cause even some more serious problems and that is something that you would pretty much like to avoid.

Getting the yeast infection is not too hard. It can be transferred from partner to partner as the STD and it can occur without the external contamination. Simply said, these infections can appear without contact with other people. They are present on our skin but in normal conditions they are well balanced with the bacteria that live on our skin and inside our body as well.

Still, some forms of the diabetes and the excessive usage of antibiotics can be pretty much the reason for destroying this balance and that will cause Candida to develop and thrive. One of the oddest ways to get this problem is by consuming beer.

Yeast is present in it since it is the thing that allows the fermentation and the very production of the beer. It is also present in the wine, but the level of alcohol is pretty higher in wine and it allows the disinfection. The beer on the other hand is usually containing up to 6% of the alcohol and that is not enough to kill all of the fungus.

In those cases, it is quite possible that some of the yeast will survive the fermentation process and by drinking beer it will enter your body. With some men it will have no effect whatsoever, but some will be struck pretty hard. This comes because of the enzymes in the stomach. Some people don’t have the enzymes that can digest these fungus and they will continue to the kidneys and further down to the urinal system.

At the end it will cause the yeast infection. The funny thing is that the better beers are usually not pasteurized and that makes the probability of the infection even higher. Pasteurization kills the fungus but in those cases the process hasn’t been carried out and the yeast is alive and capable of making damage.

The only way to treat men yeast infection beer issues is to stop drinking beer since it will always end in infection if you are prone to it.